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Water Soluble Laundry Bags

WS laundry bags are a great inexpensive alternative to regular Solvy.

Any thing that you would use regular Solvy for,

you can use WS laundry bags in place of the Solvy.

I use them as stabilizer for the back of my towels and for the top layer on towels, fleece etc.

The stabilizer will dissolve in the wash.

If you don't plan on washing the items before selling them or giving them away,

 the bags tear away cleanly

and any little bits remaining in tiny spots can be easily removed by

laying a damp paper towel over the area and pressing with a hot iron!

These bags are 1 mil thick and are 36" x 39".

When opened up, you have a sheet 36" wide by 78" long.

You can cut up the sheet to whatever width(s) you desire.

One bag goes a long way!  I generally cut the bag lengthwise into 4 strips (9" wide each

and roll the strips onto an old paper towel core or a dowel.

That gives you a 9" wide roll approx 8.66 yards long.

And each bag only costs a $1.75!!!!!

I am selling them by the bag in the following amounts:

1 bag, 3 bags, 5 bags or 10 bags at 1.75 per bag plus shipping (US shipping only).

The price of the shipping will be included in the total amount you see below.

Orders of 1 bag, 3 bags or 5 bags will ship USPS First Class mail and

orders of 10 bags will ship USPS Priority Mail.



$1.75 per bag


(Including Postage)

1 bag


2.75 USPS First Class


3 bags


$3.75 USPS First Class


5 bags


$5.25 USPS First Class


10 bags


7.50 USPS Priority


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