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Custom Embroidery
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of business is Pfantasy Originals?

A.  Pfantasy Originals is a home-based embroidery business.  I operate out my home in Florida in the winter months and Vermont in the summer months.  I have 4 single-head machines, one 6 needle and one 15 needle in Florida and the same set-up in Vermont.

Q. How many employees do you have?

A.  Just myself!  I’m a one person operation.  I do everything from sales, to digitizing to the actual embroidery and the shipping and handling.  Occasionally my husband will help with delivery of merchandise!

Q. How long have you been in business?

A.  I have been in the embroidery business since 2003.

Q. Are your items mass-produced?

A.  No, everything is truly custom made.  I keep very little in the way of pre-made items in stock - those items are mostly samples that I have made up in order to be able to put pictures of my items on my website.  I make every item as it is ordered.

Q.  What is the average turn-around time per order?

A.  I strive to complete every order either the day I receive it (if I receive it early enough) or typically by the next day.  I will then ship it that same day if I can get to the Post Office in time; otherwise it goes out the following day.  So, in other words, if I get your order on Monday, it’s done and shipped by Wednesday at the latest.

Q.  How do you ship your items?

A.  Generally, I ship everything USPS Priority Mail  This way the item gets to the customer in 2-3 days.  Some items I ship USPS First Class, if they weigh under 13 oz., in order to save the customer on postage.  USPS First Class lists delivery between 2-5 days, but from experience, it doesn’t take any longer than Priority Mail!  Shipping fees are based on total $ amount of the order and nine times out of 10, the shipping fees reflect the true amount to ship the package.  Every once in awhile, however, someone might order several small, light-weight items and the total price of the order will indicate a higher shipping fee than is actually necessary to ship the package.  When that happens, I will refund the customer the difference between what was charged for shipping and what the actual shipping fees were.

Q.  How do you refund the shipping fees?

A.  In the rare occurrence when the shipping fees calculated by PayPal exceed the actual amount to ship the items, I refund the difference to the customer via a PayPal refund on the the day that the item ships.  I will also notify the customer via email to be on the lookout for the refund and how much it will be.  If the customer paid using funds from a PayPal account, the refund will go towards the customer’s PayPal balance.  If the customer paid through PayPal using a credit card, the refund will be credited to the customer’s credit card.

Q.  Do you ship internationally?

A.  I have just started to offer international shipping - starting with Canada.  At this point I am only offering International First Class Shipping for items under 4 pounds in order to keep the cost of shipping as reasonable as possible.  It is important for the customer to understand that First Class International can take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks for packages to clear customs and reach their destination! Thus it is very important that the item is purchased a least a month before the customer actually needs to receive it.

Q.  Do you charge sales tax?

A.  Because I have a physical presence in both Florida and Vermont, I am obligated to charge sales tax for any purchases made by customers living in those states.  The tax rates are programmed into the system and the appropriate amount is charged based on the zip code that the item is being shipped to (Florida and Vermont only).

Q.  Are items returnable?

A.  Yes and no!  If the item has not been customized in any way - i.e. no date or name or initials added to the time, then I will be happy to return and refund the customer’s purchase price less any shipping fees.  The item must be returned within 14 days and in the same condition in which it was received.

Q.  Can I return a custom item?

A.  If an item has been customized with a name, date or initials/monogram it is not returnable.  Since it was created for a unique individual, it has no value to anyone else and therefore cannot be resold.

Q.  What if I receive a custom item but the name is spelled wrong or the date is wrong?

A.  If the mistake is on my end, I will gladly take the item back and send you a new item with the correct spelling, date, etc. at no charge to you.  If the mistake is on your end, i.e. in the written instructions that I received from you , then unfortunately I cannot send a new item at no charge.  If  it is necessary to redo the item from scratch, I will work with you as far as a reduced price for the corrected item, but I can’t always guarantee that.  If the stitching can be removed and re- stitched easily, I will do that for you at no charge except the cost of shipping to return the item to me and to re-send back to you.

Q.  What if you don’t have what I am looking for?

A.  That is the beauty of being a custom operation!  Send me an email and we can work together to try to come up with something truly unique for you - nothing is impossible!

Q.  If I order something on Friday, does that mean you won’t work on it until Monday?

A.  Again, that is the beauty of a home-based business.  I can (and generally do) work any day of  the week.  If I get an order on Friday or Saturday, I don’t wait until Monday to start it unless I have other plans for the weekend.  I will work on Saturday and Sunday if necessary and that means your order will ship out the first thing Monday morning.

Q.  Does your business ever shut down?

A.  Not really.  I don’t work on the major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter) but other than that, I am pretty much in operation year round.  There are a couple of periods where I might be away from home for a week - my other “job” is as a Rules Official for the USGA and the Vermont and Florida golf associations.  There are times I may be away working a golf tournament for  a stretch of  3-7 days.  When that happens I usually put up a banner on the website stating the days I won’t be available to work and what day I plan to process any orders received while I am away.  There is also a 3-4 day stretch every spring and fall when I pack up my “stuff” and move back to Vermont for the summer or Florida for the winter.  I usually put up a banner to that effect on the website as well.

Q.  I don’t like to use PayPal.  Can I pay you another way?

A.  If you are uncomfortable using PayPal, I would be delighted to take a personal check from you instead.  See the  Order Information page for information on how to place an order and pay by check or money order.  I can also take a credit card number over the phone and key it in using Square Credit Card Processing.  There will be a 3%  add on fee for doing it this way since Square charges more to key in a credit card as opposed to taking it directly and swiping it.  Contact me and we can discuss the details and arrange for custom payment.

Custom Embroidery