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Custom Embroidery
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A holiday tradition, Christmas stockings come in all shapes and sizes.  Make sure Santa gets the right stuff in the right stocking by hanging one personalized with your name on it!

Christmas Stockings

Camo Christmas Stocking  -  $12.95

Basic Christmas Stocking  -  $12.95

17" Stockings are made of green camo or pink camo felt with a contrasting cuff.  Each name will have a set of deer antlers with a holly sprig next to the name.

** Names will be embroidered directly on cuffs - for this picture I used a mockup design with a similar background to the cuffs so that I could show  the stocking with the name on it.

Click on image for a larger view

17" Stockings are made of red or green faux fur, with a cuff of white faux fur.  Cuff is embroidered with the person’s  name and embellished with holly leaves and crystal berries.

Click on image for a larger view

Looking for a stocking for your furry friend?

Click here for pet stockings!

More to Come!